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Empowerment International has been working in Nicaragua since 2004 and has reached an annual school retention rate of over 96% in both of our communities since 2008.  As of 2014, we now have over 300 students participating in our program.

We offer a series of community-based, holistic educational programs to children and their families in two extremely impoverished communities in Nicaragua. This is done through daily home visits where parents are encouraged to send their kids to school and are mentored on how to enhance their children’s education. Also during these visits, counseling and emotional support are provided to help them find solutions to barriers, physical or otherwise, that prevent children from attending school.

Primary School Programs

This multi-faceted program supports every child at various levels. The child is supported through home visits, medical care and tutoring and access to computers and fun activities at the EI center. Read how >

Home Visits Program

In the home visits program we try to give parents the tools to eliminate education related problems. Every child in the community is assigned to an EI staff member who guides the parents and child. Our Process>

Educational and Activity Study Center

This center, started by EI,  provides a much-needed place in the community for students to interact outside of school. It is equipped with computers and Internet, printer, scanner, a children’s library, and reference books. See More >

Teen Program

The teen program focus is on the holistic development of our teenage students so they develop into successful adults. We use an intensive, hands-on approach. See Benefits >

University Program

Students studying towards higher education receive resources such computer and Internet access, space to study, career counseling, emotional counseling, medical care, stipends, and homework assistance. The Center >

Photography Club

EI photography program helps kids develop their talent through regular photography sessions, provision of high quality cameras and access to exhibitions and professional classes. See Photos >

In Addition….

EI  provides mandatory uniforms, shoes, backpacks and supplies, tuition (secondary school), transportation for rural high school students, medical care, parenting programs (how to be more effective and supportive parents),  enrichment activities, and counseling both individually and in groups. Since 2009 EI has achieved a school retention rate of over 96% within the program participants from the two communities we work.   As of 2012 over 87% of all school age children are now in school in EI’s first community, up from 55% in 2003!

Empowerment International (EI) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.