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November 15, 2006

Ref_P1010106.JPGDo you remember your pre-school graduation? Or maybe you had an 8th grade graduation? How about your high school graduation? I have always thought that a graduation is a right and not a privilege.

In Nicaragua, the ministry of education says that every child should be able to attend graduation. Some schools decide that they would like a fancier, more elegant graduation for the students and therefore plan an event where each child needs to buy a specific outfit, etc. This is great for the children who can afford a more elegant graduation, but for children such as those in our program, many are left with paying for a diploma, getting a picture taken with a cap and gown and then receiving their diploma without ever walking in a procession or getting to truly enjoy the moment.

In December (the school year runs from Feb-Dec), we have about 7 children graduating from primary school (6th grade, then they have 5 years of secondary school/equivalent to high school in US) and 6 graduating from pre-school.

EI will be paying for these children to attend their graduations. The graduates and families were so happy to hear that they would be able to attend graduation. Thelma, a 6th grader in our program said that she wanted to use her tickets allotted for graduation to all of us at EI because she said she would not have been able to attend and wants to make sure she gets pictures with those of us that gave her the opportunity to attend!

~ posted by Darcy Phillips

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