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A picture isn’t enough

June 24, 2007

Darcy1.jpgI feel that no pictures, written, or verbal words can truly explain my experience in Granada. I try my best in the blog, but know I can never do justice. I learn something new everyday… from a stranger on the street, to the friends I have made. There is someone always willing to teach me more about the Nicaraguan culture.

The World Cup starts tomorrow which will be exciting to watch over the next month (I don’t have a TV, but I have friends that do!). Although Nicaragua is not in the World Cup, it is still a big event to follow here.

I went to Costa Rica last month to visit the project in Alajuela, which is not too far from San Jose. EI has been in Costa Rica since 1998 so the program is well developed. The kids eagerly came running to give me hugs and kisses and show me their grades. The children have learned through EI the importance of education and they take it seriously. In Costa Rica the children appear more outgoing and expressive than in Nicaragua. We are hoping to instill these same thoughts about education in Nicaragua and help them become more expressive.

~ posted by Darcy (06.08.2006)

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