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First week of photography…

August 5, 2007

So far things have been going well for us with the kids. Between Kathy, Anielka, me, and the kids, I don’t know who’s more excited about seeing their photos through their lcd screen. I can’t say it enough, but I love the kids already. Their desire to learn and their enthursiasm for the art of photography is such a motivator for me to teach them as much as I can in such a short amount of time.

This week we took them to the town center to teach them how to photograph people, buildings, and whatever else that’s interesting to them. We had so much fun. Everytime they shot something and it looks sharp on the LCD screen, they would have this huge smile on their face as they exclaim their excitement in Spanish. Then they would show Kathy or me their LCD screen each time they took a shot.

I’ve started uploading some of their photos up in flickr already. I’ve been having some technical issues lately, so not everyone’s work was saved properly. I have no doubt that the kids will do so well by the end of my stay here. We have 3 students already that are naturally good at seeing things through the lens. Knowing that only one or two have them have ever touched a camera and worked with computers, it’s so nice to see them so eager to learn and absorbing everything like little sponges.

The language barrier was hard for me. As much as I planned my lessons out, there would be things that I would want to share with them even though it wasn’t part of the lesson plan because it was at a right time and right setting. I wish I can speak their language as gracefully as Anielka can speak English.

~ by Sam Somphonh

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