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Education is Empowerment – From Collective Lens

November 9, 2007
~ by bryan @ Collective Lens

For Josephina, a 14-year-old girl in Granada, Nicaragua, education is something to be cherished. Every morning she wakes up in the poorest of area of Granada Emerging from her family’s home, made from plastic bags supported by sticks, she takes a shower using a bucket. She treks two miles to attend school, and then after classes she travels another two to the market. Once there she buys the makings for various snack foods that she, her sister, and her mother sell on the streets every afternoon. Like many others in Nicaragua, her family’s income is about $40 per month.

Despite this life, Josephina has remained positive and excited about (click here to read more on Collecive Lens).

Josephina’s Mathematic Olympics award(by Leslie Alsheimer)

Josephina Award

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In Nicaragua 50% of the kids that start 1st grade never make it to 5th grade. It is our goal to make this percentage drop significantly.

$100 is what it takes us at Empowerment International to put a child in school for a year. Imagine, for the price of a pair of Nikes you can help a child attend school for one year! If the idea interests you, please click on the link below or contact us

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