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“That is why I love technology”

September 25, 2008

Here are two of our young participants – Margarita and Yosara – telling you how much they loved the Fiesta held on 6th September and the wonder that is Skype!

Margarita Arroliga – one of our first two Nicaraguan High School graduates – says :
“Well, after having a very beautiful experience on Saturday, September 6th….it is going to be unforgettable.  I never imagined I would live through something like that.  When we arrived to the office everything was so moving; I was very nervous because I knew I was going to meet my sponsor and I was even more excited when I saw Kelly, Cristy.

Everything was so real through Skype – “that is why I love technology.”  We shared a special day with Melissa (one of our volunteers) since it was her birthday and also this was the party that gives hope to seeing our dreams realized.

Thanks to all those who help EI, and to the entire team in Nicaragua, to my sponsor for giving me the opportunity to get a better education, and to the Foundation for giving me the know-how to become self-sufficient, for showing me what real life is all about.  When I saw all the people that were there at the party, I felt an immense emotion. 

In the office, everything was about cheerfulness and we all shared a very pleasant moment. Thank you for inviting me to experience something so beautiful, for giving me the opportunity to be somebody through my life, for the support I have received.  Thanks to all from the bottom of my heart.”

Yosara, another EI kid says:

“I was happy and excited on Saturday. I ate pizza, enchilada and soft drinks. I like the party because we were together all day long and we had a good time. We ate; there were times when I felt very nervous, but overall I felt very happy and excited when I sat in front of the microphone and everyone was watching me through the computer. Thanks for inviting me.”

– Translated by Leonardo Vila

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