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Fiesta – the day of happiness

October 1, 2008

The Fiesta held at Colorado and in Nicaragua (virtually) was a tremendously moving experience for all participants. Anielka, the Program Director of EI, who you have read about here, is normally quite strong and stoic, but even she was overwhelmed by the beauty of the moments on September 6th.

Here, she describes her feelings at length:

“At the beginning of the party, I, who have always been quite good in speaking in the presence of others, felt like my heart was pounding a thousand beats per second, because of my stress. We ate pizza and other goodies; some of us ate too much due to our excitement while others did not want to eat anything because they lost their appetite out of nervousness!

Melissa (EI volunteer) and her family were there offering their support, encouraging us and, above all, the children who were told “you can.” That affirmation made them feel good. Except Alexander(EI student) who was shy, all children wanted to be in front of the camera so the others could watch them in Skype. I think Alexander is reserved when there are too many people around. Those children who were taking a lot of photos were impressed with the technology. Darcy(EI volunteer) was also there to support us with the presentation and encourage the children.

It was wonderful to see Elvis’(EI student) eyes expressing so much happiness when he saw Kristi(EI event coordinator). I felt the same emotion when I saw Dara, Kathy, Jody, Kelly, Kevin, and Brett, and all the people over there (in US). Suddenly pleasant memories came up about the good times we had during Fiesta de Esperanza back in 2006 when I had the opportunity to participate personally and the satisfaction that one feels after a party is over and realize everything was an entire success.

I thought a lot about the entire EI team and in particular about Kristy since she was the coordinator of the event in Colorado and put so much effort for everything to be perfect. I imagined how proud she must have felt.

Here, in the office in Nicaragua, we all also celebrated at the same time. It felt like we were there at the Fiesta having food, drinking Coca-Colas. Seeing Marluz walking into the office was a very delightful moment because she knew she was going to meet her sponsor. She kept talking into the camera. She wanted to keep talking with Glennis; this was very emotional. I am sure our faces demonstrated the intense feelings of happiness.

Thanks to all for giving us the opportunity to be “present” in Colorado and be part of the party. Thanks for allowing the children enjoy emotions that perhaps they have never experienced in their lives. Thanks for making them feel special. Thanks for giving them the opportunity of becoming more aware about who we are and how hard we work for them. Such opportunity allows them to know about our labor and efforts in this Foundation just to give them the prospect to have a better quality of life, and a better future that can remove them from the extreme poverty in which they live.

Also, thank you EI for giving me, personally, the opportunity to learn new things every day, of giving me the encouragement I need in order to put forward my best efforts on every occasion I can. Of giving me the chance of becoming aware on a more personal basis of the needs and great difficulties that some people in my country go through; to learn  on how I can give much of myself to this cause in favor of those families  to bring about positive, lasting changes to as many of them as possible. ”

– Translated by Leonardo Vila

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