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Little man with a big heart – Alexander

October 15, 2008

12 year old Alexander is a very special boy to many of us at EI.

He works very hard, and has done so since he was extremely young. He and his brothers sell fruits and bananas in order to add to their family’s income. His mother, who he considers his “hero”, is the main breadwinner. She washes clothes in other people’s homes to earn a living.

Needless to say, the family is very poor.

Alexander has been in EI program for 3 years now and loves helping out at EI office and playing baseball. If he were in US, he would have been diagnosed with ADD a long time ago. Despite his near-constant eating, he is a very skinny kid -possibly because he is always moving, talking, running, playing, or working! He is rarely seen sitting still for more than about 10 minutes at a time.

Despite his somewhat precocious nature, Alexander has the biggest heart.
He has to work selling things on the streets every hour that he is not in school, yet he is so willing to share whatever he has. The first day of class, he brought chicklets for every person in the class as well as all the helpers. The second day of class, he showed up at EI office two hours early to help everyone get the cameras (for the photography class) ready, clean the office, and walk the dog (all of which he continued to do for the rest of the week). The third day of class, he bought a bunch of mamones (a Nicaraguan fruit) to share with everyone. Whatever people need, Alexander is always there and eager to help with a smile.

Alexander often complains of poor eyesight because of which the school’s blackboard looks blurry to him. He likes watching movies but rarely gets time to watch any – he has to go to school in the morning; then go to work in the afternoon; and finally return home only at night, when he must finish his school homework.

In spite of such pressure on his time and health, Alexander plans to keep on studying and be a firefighter. He has been one of the most eager participants in EI’s photography program and has won many hearts.

We, at EI, know that with his helping nature and steely determination, Alexander, will achieve his dreams. All he needs is our and your support and understanding.

Here are a few of the lovely photos taken by Alexander.

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