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Expressing people’s feelings through photography – Joseline

December 28, 2008

We bring to you the life stories of the 8 participants of EI whose photos were selected for the exhibition ‘Mi Camera Mi Mundo’ held in an exclusive gallery in San Juan del sur. Click here to see the photos shown in the exhibition.

One of the most dedicated students of EI is 14 years old Joseline who is also one of the first participants in 2121088875_1aca8c63bbEI’s program. For the past 5 years Joseline has been living in an extremely poor neighborhood close to Villa Esperanza where EI works.  In these neighborhoods the families have very limited resources, and the possibilities of a child to going to school are about 5%.  The working fathers in these families are paid barely enough to buy food for the basic daily meals. Most of the children help their fathers by working along with them.

Here Joseline describes how she learned about EI and the impact the organization had on her and her family:

“In 2004 a person came to my neighborhood looking for my father, Horacio.  This person and my father chatted for a while.  After that, my father introduced my Mom, my sister, and me to this visitor. This person came over to my house because she wanted to start a project to help the poor families of the neighborhood. Her name was Kathy Ann Adams.  Since then, Kathy has been working with my Dad.
As time went on, I got close to Kathy. She often took my pictures and showed them to me. I was very fascinated by the process and so she also taught me how to use the camera. Later on when a census of the neighborhood children was taking place in order to help them with their education, Kathy asked me if I could take pictures of the children.  I was very happy to do so! This is how I started photography.

As I took more pictures I improved my technique and learned more about cameras.  Kathy was and is the best photography teacher I ever had.

2121476297_05a7b4fc8fDuring the project, I was taught more about cameras and the amazing things that can be done with them.  As Kathy’s work and Empowerment International expanded, I got a chance to participate in a special photography project.  In 2007 the project grew and was very successful as other people became interested in the Foundation and began to donate cameras and other things.

An unforgettable point I learned in the photography class  is that, “The importance of a photo is not what you see outside, but what you see inside, because a photo expresses the feelings of people.”

In 2008, I returned to take another photography class with Kathy, and now my photos are better.  I know that by studying one can learn, and I will continue studying photography so my photos are better each day.”

To view more of Joseline’s photos, click here.

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