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Kids on why they love photography

January 7, 2009

Here is what the kids who are into our photography program and who had their photos exhibited in the Photo Exhibition at a gallery in San Juan del Sur have to say about photography. (You can learn more about Joseline, one of EI’s earliest students, who also participated in the exhibition here.3080241569_797792f7df)

Elvis Alfredo Arroliga is 16 years old and this is what the 7th  grader has to say :
“I have 2 years of photography experience thanks to the Foundation (Empowerment International.)
I like to focus on people with limited resources and children with drug problems.  I love taking pictures  because I discover things that I did not know before.  I thank the Foundation for the support and love that it have given me.”

Leslia Mendoza, another student from EI says, “I like the photography classes because I learn how to handle the camera. I also learn how to delete the photos that do not come out well! Also, I liked the time when EI took us to the park, to the Malacos in the Fortin neighborhood, to visit the schools, and other places in order to capture them through photos. I am very grateful for that opportunity.”

Marluz Deyanira Hernández says, “Well, I have been in photography for 2 years: 2007 and 2008.
I like to take many pictures because I feel that the more I take the more I learn how to select the best spot, as well as how to handle the camera. I like to take interesting pictures and use them as a theme about the people, or sights. I also like it because it facilitates my relationship with other people; I have opportunities to know new places and I can learn more about our Nicaraguan culture.”

12 years old Dalila Ruiz Flores has this to say about his experiences with camera, “I have been taking pictures for 5 months now. I enjoy taking pictures because I discover many things. I am grateful to the Foundation (Empowerment International) because it has supported me during my grammar school and the photography classes.”

Another 12 years old, Alexander Hernández, says, ” This is my first year of photography. In the photography class I learned how to handle the photo camera and how to take care of it so the lenses are not damaged.  I learned how to use the strap so as to avoid dropping the camera! I like to go out and take photos of people and sort them in a logical sequence. My experience has been good because I have learned and at the same time shared a good time with all of you, and my friends. ”

Melkisedeth Obet Bonilla Martínez is 13 years old and in 6th grade. She says, “Let me tell you how happy I am taking pictures.  I am so happy because I learn how to handle a photo camera, how to take pictures, and when walking along I enjoy taking pictures of beautiful things, but much more of people and animals for they are God’s masterpieces.  Thank you for having me in the photography classes.”

11 year old Yosara Noemi Bonilla Martínez is a 4th grader. She says, “I am so proud when taking pictures.  During those moments I feel very proud to be in the company of Kathy, Melissa, Patrick, Carla Margarita, and my friends. I learn how to use the photo camera with clean hands, how to be careful of not touching either the viewfinder or the lenses. I also enjoy taking pictures of plants, animals, and people.  Thank God for the months we spent learning photography.  Thank you so much Kathy for teaching me about photography.”

Translated by Leonardo Vila

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