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Success – All 50 Sold!

October 16, 2009

It was a proud moment for 12 years old Alexander. A photograph taken by him was being sold for $100 – an almost unbelievably huge sum for him. But he was not the only one to see his hobby turn into a profitable venture.Mi Camera Mi Mundo

On September 27th, every single of the 50 photographs taken by EI kids were sold successfully at the exhibition “Mi Camera Mi Mundo” in Toronto.

It was an event that brought great joy to these budding photographers – all under 16 years and struggling with the juggling act of school and work. These kids are part of EI’s initiative to teach photography to its kids. Their photos were chosen after long deliberation to be shown at this event held in Edward day gallery in Toronto.

Christine Hutchings, the main organizer of the event says that she had the idea of the event on seeing the photos taken by the EI kids in an exhibition in Granada.

Through the money raised through the sale of the children’s photos exhibition she wanted EI’s kids to be helped. This would be a wonderful affirmation of EI’s principle of children helping themselves through their education.

The photos at the exhibition were sold for prices between $30 to $340. To give an understanding of how significant this is for EI, consider this: $30 a month is what it takes to sponsor a kid in EI’s programs, including tutoring, emotional support, extra ciricular activities and school (and much more). 

All proceeds from the exhibition was to go to EI and she realized that this was no charity but “children sharing their world through their art and helping themselves and others.”  Christine was helped in the organization of the event by Sarah Lichter, Donna Griffith, Sylvia Verkley and 12 other volunteers.

Skype Talk From EI officeOne of the chief attractions of the Toronto exhibit was that the visitors to the event could actually talk to and see the children in Nicaragua. This was made possible through Skype hook up handled by Sandy Iverson .

Most visitors enjoyed the opportunity of talking with the little photographers! In fact seeing and chatting with the kids who had taken the photographs encouraged visitors to bid on the photos.

Alexander, who was very nervous before the Skype conference, ended up being so pleased with his speech in the event that he proudly declared “I did not mess up” to anyone who would listen in the EI office! All children gave fantastic speeches and emotions ran high throughout the Skype chat.

The evening was well attended and ended up entertaining people with its serving of snacks and wine along with live music. The live auctioneer added spice to the latter part of the evening and also succeeded in increasing the bids on a number of photos thus raising more money.

The organizers of this event feel that the concept was promising enough to be replicated in other cities. There are plans of repeating the exhibition in Toronto and other Canadian cities next year. If that happens, it will be a strong motivational factor for the kids to keep up their hard work.

– Neha Singh

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In Nicaragua 50% of the kids that start 1st grade never finish 5th grade. It is our goal to make this percentage drop significantly.

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