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Against All Odds

December 23, 2014

Picture this: a young woman in her graduation gown, her face bright, her smile wide, her steps confident as she gets ready to receive her graduation diploma.

Easy enough, you would say.

But what if we told you that this child was an orphan and worked as a street vendor and was not in school until eight years back?

This is the story of Marluz, one of Empowerment International kids.

Marluz graduating


Eight years ago, our program got Marluz off the streets and back in school. There were too many strikes against her already. She was older than her classmates, she had to spend far too much time as a street vendor after school, her father had passed away, and her mother was not always supportive of her educational efforts. But still, it was a start.

Then, six years ago, her mother passed away suddenly, leaving her an orphan at sixteen. With so much going downhill in her life, for the first year after her loss, Marluz was not able to pass the year. The year was full of distractions and even though we, at Empowerment International, supported her unconditionally, we were afraid she might not make it.

In spite of the problems and the struggles, we encouraged her and continued with our support.  We never give up on our kids and this young woman proved through her renewed focus that she did not want to give up on the path of education she had begun. It was a rocky few years, but Marluz persevered.

And at long last, this month, all the hard work payed off.  Marluz graduated from secondary school! She now plans to study finance in an excellent university in Managua.

Marluz has beaten all odds and has proved that with the right support and a strong mind, no goal is beyond reach.  It is a story of perseverance and willingness to succeed.

Marluz is our success story and we are committed to bringing about as many successes as we can.

Your donation made before Jan. 1 will have extra impact to help a child!

Our graduation and retention rates are over 95 percent.
Please give 100 percent of these kids that opportunity to be the most likely to succeed.


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