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Give Them a Future

Give them a Future

Give them a Future

Chances are that you are here because you are aware of the amazing and effective work that the Empowerment International team does daily in Nicaragua.  What you may not realize is that you can have a meaningful and long term relationship with one or more of the children.

Are you Ready to Help Give a Child a Future through Education?

After  working for 9 years in Nicaragua, many of our kids are reaching the age where they are shifting towards higher education or professional careers paths.

Their sponsors are proud.

  • Roberto and Sarah  sponsored  Juan Jose 5 years ago when they  met him while teaching a photography workshop.  Today they are truly thrilled  to see him thriving and making substantial progress towards his dream of becoming a professional chef.
  • Wendell has been visiting Nicaragua for 6 years. Each year he visits biannually and visits each of his 7 kids.   This year Wendell is planning to be there for 21 year old Jeaneth’s graduation from the university.  He is very excited  to be able to be present for her graduation this year, in addition to see she was able to obtain employment  in the only 5 star hotel in Granada.
  • Doug is a more recent sponsor. He started visiting less than two years ago.  His sponsored children have grown in numbers from one to three and he loves to see them as often as he can.

These sponsors know that their contributions are making a difference and their personal sponsorship is important to each of their children.

Not all sponsors have the ability to visit their kids, but they do get the opportunity to write to them and receive communications from them 2 times a year and an annual summary and the kids really look forward to these times.

Doug with his sponsored child Evelyn.

Doug with his sponsored child Evelyn.

Because of the EI programs, hundreds of children from two communities now have the  tools and support network in place to keep them in school throughout their formative years, providing the rare opportunity to break through the poverty cycle for themselves, their families, and ultimately their community.

However, this critical work cannot be completed without the continued support of our generous donors and supporters.  As the Empowerment International program continues to grow, it is imperative that more of our children have the benefit of a sponsor and the opportunity to enjoy fully the services that Empowerment International offers.

When you sponsor a child you are telling then that you believe in them and their own abilities to succeed.  That they can have a better future.

When you sponsor a child you are  giving him or her a chance for a different path, by providing a complete package of education and life skill services.  It means  that each sponsored child receives tutoring at our center, family support from our time-proven home visit program, a uniform and school supplies(required for school but unaffordable for many), a computer center, mini library, peer and parental counseling, access to character-building activity clubs, and ultimately a steady hand to guide them to a better life through education.

Over 250 children in our communities still need a sponsor!  To help these children have a better future, we have set a goal of getting 50 children a sponsor by November 15, 2013.

The Empowerment International program is asking for your support to sponsor our primary and elementary-aged children in need.  With only $1 a day or $30 a month, you can change the life of a child and give them a brighter future through education.  

Our secure sponsorship portal

Our secure sponsorship portal

Your partnership is critical to the continuation of Empowerment International programs! Please click the icon to reach our secure sponsorship page!

Currently we have reached 30/50 new children sponsored.  Help us reach our goal by November 15!  Our sincerest Thank You from the EI staff and Board of Directors in making it possible to continue our exciting, life changing programs in Nicaragua.  Together we can really make a difference!