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Educational and Activity Study Center

The Program:

Empowerment International Educational and Activity Center is located on the outskirts of villa Esperanza, a community just outsideEmpowerment Center the colonial city of Granada. The center is strategically located so that children from the community can easily access the facility.  The center is equipped with computers and Internet, a printer, a scanner, a children’s library, and reference books. The EI office is located within the center.

The children, particularly those in secondary school, come in to the center regularly to do Internet research for school, improve their computer skills, and hang out with their friends. The center provides a needed place to interact outside of school, as no common space exists in the community. At the center friendships are formed and students encourage each other to stay in school.

How It Works:

Monday through Thursday, the center houses EI’s tutoring program helping 80 children Grades 1-4. The children have access to the library and, as part of their tutoring, read books in small groups. Tutors, all of whom are secondary students from the community, read to the younger children.

Most of the children come in before or stay after the tutoring sessions to play at the center. For most this is the only safe place to play with educational toys. They learn to interact, resolve conflicts and share. The center is place where kids can be kids.

The center, open until 8pm each night, is a safe haven for community members of all ages.  Mothers in the community often come in the evening to learn computer skills and use the Internet. The center also hosts weekly activities, parents’ meetings, teen meetings and individual counseling and coaching sessions.

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