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Home Visit Program

Home Visits - Alicia Fox Photography

The Problem:

The community where we work is very poor and most parents are either illiterate or have a low level of education.  Thus, most parents do not understand the long term benefits of education and are unable to provide the support their children need to stay in school.  Very often, due to financial difficulties, parents encourage their children to drop out of school and start working.

The Program:

The home visit program focuses on mentoring parents to value education. We try to give parents the tools to eliminate problems in the home that act as barriers to education. Every child in the community is assigned to an E.I. staff member, who visits their home regularly and cultivates a trusting relationship with the child’s parents. By building trust and mutual respect, E.I. staff gradually change family members’ attitudes toward education.

How it works:

Parents are encouraged to be more involved in their child’s education by participating in parent teacher meetings, helping with homework, providing verbally encouragement, and reducing the child’s work or home responsibilities.  Also, parents and children are coached to communicate with one another more positively and to treat each other with respect and love. Parents often need to be encouraged to show more affection and to avoid bad language and corporal punishment.  E.I. staff work to ensure that parents feel emotionally supported, which in turn enables them to ask for help when needed.  Our model of continuous support leads to lasting positive change within the families and children we serve.

Home Visits 2- Alicia Fox Photography

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