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Photography Club

View and purchase photos online!

All proceeds will go back into the project materials and costs.

Gallery now OPEN!!

Bienvenidos!  The students of the Empowerment International Photography Club invite you to visit our Gallery, “My Camera, My World.”   The gallery is open to the public, Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm and Saturday 10am-4pm.  You can expect to receive a warm welcome by one of our Photography students.

EI’s photography program began in 2007 when Kathy Adams and a guest instructor hosted a 5 week-long photography class for 8 of EI’s older students.  Since that time, the program has been expanding.  In 2008 14 children were selected to participate in the class, which took place in July. Several of these students have continued to participate in weekly classes since that time.  Many other students have shown an interest in taking part in the class. The benefits of the photography program have been great.  The staff have witnessed participants’ attitudes change. Many attend school more regularly and have gained the self confidence that so many of EI’s students lack.

Currently the photos are exhibited at Hotel con Corazon in Granada, Nicaragua and at their own gallery.

Our gallery is located next to the Supermarket La Colonia in the SAME shopping center on the east side.  Module #9.

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