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Primary School Program

The Problem:

The children come from very poor families, where on an average; an adult has third grade education. Parents do not always understand the importance of building a good foundation for their children, and thus not all children are enrolled into kindergarten, neither do they receive stimulation and encouragement in their homes. So, when they enter first grade, these children are already at a disadvantage, compared to the other children. Also the public schools they go to are often poorly managed, with high student to teacher ratio.

The program:

EI’s unique, intensive, hands-on program focuses on the community as a whole while also giving individualized attention to each child and family. The program is multi-faceted, supporting the child at various levels. The child and family is supported at home through the home visit program, the child receives tutoring support, access to computers and activities and fun at the EI center and medical care.

How it works:

Each child is assigned a field staff; who visits their homes and has a close relationship with the individual child and their families and constantly encourages and mentors them (see home visit program).  The staff also works closely with the school and the tutors from the tutoring program. All the children who need extra help receive tutoring support in math and Spanish along with homework support at the EI center. The tutors are secondary school students from the program who volunteer their time. At the EI center, the children have access to books, toys and educational games and a safe place to play. Regular piñata parties and small field trips are also part of the program. This way a close web of support systems is built around the child to prevent them from falling through the cracks.

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