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Tutoring Program

Tutoring Program

The Problem:

Teen tutoring younger child

Young children in public schools have difficulty attaining academic success for several reasons:

1. Their parents and older siblings often have no education themselves and are not able to support them adequately 2. Public schools are overcrowded and understaffed 3. The system of learning in schools is by rote, which can cause children to become disinterested.

If children do not gain a solid foundation in their earliest school years, they are prone to failure in the 4th and 5th grades at which point, frustrated and suffering from low self-esteem, they often drop out.

The Program:

The EI tutoring program focuses on younger children in primary school.  To increase the chances of academic success, we provide a solid foundation in math and Spanish, supplementing the public school education, and homework assistance.   Most of the children being tutored are in grades Kindergarten through 3rd; however students in higher grades are also offered assistance as needed.

During tutoring sessions, children read stories, learn new concepts and reinforce their school lessons.  They also learn to respect rules, interact appropriately with peers and appreciate the benefits of grooming and etiquette.  Finally, they have time before or after sessions to play with educational toys.

How It Works:

Each year program participants in Kindergarten through Grade 3rd are tested to determine their learning needs.  They are matched with a tutor or placed in a small learning group.  The tutors are young volunteers from EI’s secondary school program.   These teen tutors receive training at the beginning of the school year and are monitored throughout the year.   The tutors conduct short assessments of the children’s progress each week, to ascertain what has been achieved and what difficulties remain.

Parents are included when possible, fostering a feeling of importance in their child’s educational process.

The children are tutored by older students from our secondary school program.  This gives teens a sense of investing in and building up their own community

The Impact:

Each year the pass and retention rates increase and are currently at 89% and 96%, respectively.   At the end of the school year, the younger children have better grades, more self-confidence and a greater chance of passing to the next grade.  Teen tutors demonstrate elevated self-esteem and a sense of pride that they are a part of a solution to eradicate poverty and illiteracy in their community.

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