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Our Team

We are proud to have an international team of volunteers from countries like the Netherlands, Canada, India, and the United States.  Many of our team members work virtually, many come down to Granada for a few months and some even choose to make Nicaragua their home. We are also extremely proud of our local staff, also known as our ground team.  They were born and raised in Nicaragua — all of them from Granada.  They are the engine that runs the organization.   They are vital to the success of our organization.  They are dedicated and passionate.  They are invested in the success of each and everyone of the children in the communities we serve.


Nicaraguan Ground Team 

Kathy Adams – Executive Director and Founder

As a technical engineer, Kathy spent 4 years in Central America working as an engineer with Intel. With the level of poverty and seeing children selling and begging on the streets, Kathy felt compelled to change the situation. In 1998, she purchased the requisite uniforms, shoes and books and enrolled children from two families in schools with her own money.In 2007, Kathy decided to dedicate her efforts full-time to further provide children educational access and enriching communities in Central America. She returned to Central America to live in 2008, leaving her engineering life behind. Kathy now resides in Granada and is a proud member of the ground team.Today, Empowerment International is a US-registered non-profit organization, which gives over 340 children in Nicaragua access to education.




Neha Singh – Website Manager. For website related issues, content ideas or suggestions for improvement, contact her at singhneh(@)

Kshitiz Anand – Graphic Designer



Boulder Flatirons Rotary Club

Cal Ripken Foundation

Equal Education Fund

Hotel con Corazon

Kenneth King Foundation

SG Foundation

SmugMug, Inc.

The Giving Lens

Weyerhaeuser Family Foundation

YMCA International Club


Casa de Mujer

Chavalos Nica

Clinica Alabama

Garcia & Bodan



And to all the donors, past, present and future, thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

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